Burrito Bison Revenge Hacked

Hack for Burrito Bison Revenge Game
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Rating: 4.1/5 (2112 votes cast)
Juicy Beast Studio

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On February 29, 2012
Last modified:March 19, 2012


Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel!

Get unlimited money to spend on all the upgrades in this sequel to the smash hit Burrito Bison. Smash those Gummies!

Coming Soon. For now please enjoy the original version.

Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel!
Burrito Bison Revenge Hacked, 4.1 out of 5 based on 2112 ratings

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17 Responses to “Burrito Bison Revenge Hacked”

  1. thales says:

    esse jogo não esta hackeado!muito ruin se estiver hackeado!

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    Rating: 3.9/5 (30 votes cast)
  2. Ben says:

    The concave cretinous idea of the Gamergold turd? Please, if you cannot find one with this silly idea of a currency. Go to adultswim.com, that one doesn’t have the nincompoops fighting over for money.

    Honestly, if the game is unhackable, then the developers of the game should be ashamed. It’s really pointless breaking through the safe and having to upgrade everything at a ridiculous cost. The developers are like Electronic Arts and the Admin at Animasher. They make something good, and ruin it just for attention. It’s not funny. Now, get rid of this gamergold, Juicybeast. Or I will not play your games and I will spit in disgust at your name and I will try my best to rate your games down and tell people not to play until you realize there are some people who need it hacked, and some who will consider playing it normally.


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    Rating: 4.2/5 (49 votes cast)
  3. CRAZY_ONE says:

    This game is not going to be hacked is it?

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    Rating: 4.5/5 (31 votes cast)
  4. name says:

    when will it be out????

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    Rating: 3.5/5 (22 votes cast)
    • Tower Defense Games says:

      Waiting for a version that doesnt have virtual currency in the game. We can’t hack it when this is in the game as it would need to be removed and that’s unfair to the game developers.

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      Rating: 3.1/5 (20 votes cast)
  5. HOLY ONE says:

    you keep saying soon when is soon.

    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
    Rating: 3.8/5 (16 votes cast)
  6. you fucking bitch says:

    Then will be hack released?

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    Rating: 3.8/5 (17 votes cast)
  7. dildomaniak says:

    when is the hack coming

    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
    Rating: 4.0/5 (25 votes cast)
  8. shane says:

    shit, when does it come out

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    Rating: 3.6/5 (16 votes cast)
  9. desmond says:

    I don`t know any cheats for this game

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    Rating: 3.0/5 (8 votes cast)
  10. Drake says:

    This isn’t hacked.

    VA:F [1.9.17_1161]
    Rating: 3.3/5 (25 votes cast)

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