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Ortus RPG Game

Ortus RPG Game

Coming Soon is a exciting new RPG Game called Ortus. Developed by the guys at jazzastudios looks to be one of the hit games of 2012.
Ortus utilizes a unique cross-shaped alignment/reputation system that keeps track of your choices throughout the game. Ever wanted to steal from a house in a game or kill an annoying [...]

Epic War TD iPhone

Mobile Tower Defense Game for your Iphone

Epic War TD is a great iPhone Tower Defense game infusing completely new life within the exhausted category. The overall game gives you a huge amount of action for the tower defense style in addition to nice and challenging attacker waves.

Sugar Sugar Cheat

Sugar Sugar Hacked Version

Sugar Sugar is a physics particle game where you need to draw and get enough sugar in the cups! There are 30 challenging levels that are automatically unlocked for you to play as you please. Even with this Sugar Sugar Cheat you will still need to fill the cups with sugar to complete that level. [...]

Elephant Quest

Elephant Quest Game

Elephant Quest is a open-world platformer / shooter / action-rpg starring a blue elephant, on his quest to retrieve something stolen from him. This game is developed by John over at jmtb02 that brought you the hit games like Corp Inc, Exit path, Achievement Unlocked 2 and This is the Only Level. The game features [...]

Burrito Bison Walkthrough Cheat

Burrito Bison Game Walkthrough Cheat

Burrito Bison Walkthrough Cheat for the new beefcake Bison game. This guide will help you smash your way through candy and doors to help Bison find his way back home. Play our Burrito Bison hacked version

Solarmax Cheat Hack

Solarmax Strategy RTS Game

Solarmax Cheat Hack will give you all the cheats you need to complete this space-based game in which you colonize planets that allows you to construct your fleet of fighter aircraft. We have a list below of the some walkthrough videos that will help you handle those attacking swarms of ships. You can play solarmax [...]

Causality 3


It’s back again, Causality 3 the famous stickman murder point and click adventure. Feating another 3 wacky levels that feature a subway, restaurant and space station.  The now very popular Causality game series has millions of plays and keeps everyone coming back for more. Can you finish this game?


Exclusive Hacker Game

Your stuck and you need to hack your way into the mainframe. How good are your hacking skills?
Think you can hack? Try hacking your way into this system….if you can!


5xman1 Main Menu

Help your team of 5 to find their way out! Use strategy and speed to hit all the switches and collect as many coins as possible before time runs out!Get as far as you can with each guy before time runs out. Remember, you have only 5 opportunities so make each one count!
Play 5xMan

Blosics 2


Use realistic physics to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them. Blosics 2 features many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish. It’s quite challenging when you get into the deeper levels.
Click to play Blosics 2