GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough

Gemcraft Labyrinth Screenshot from the Game Boss
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GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Guide

Dual gems are superior to pure gems, they get bonuses to their damage, range, and firing speed. Triple gems get even higher bonuses. These bonuses can be further increased with the Dual gem and Triple gem mastery skills and you’ll master the GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough

Pure gems have the strongest abilities. If you combine two gems of different types, you get both specials but with a decreased power. So if you want to use the special ability of a gem, combine it only with gems of the same type.

If you want a gem to have a powerful unique ability, but also benefit from the triple (or even combined) bonuses, generate 2 or 3 grade 1 gems, each of a different variety, combine them collectively, and then develop onward using only 100 % pure gemstones of the type you want to boost.

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough will show you how to avoid producing gemstones that contains more than 3 base kinds.

Place your current towers within positions where they will cover the longest path possible, but also look out for beacons, shards, nests, and tombs. If you want to blast them, they should be in the gem’s range you want to place in the tower system.

Gemcraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Screen Shot

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Towers

It might be worth placing a tower at one square distance from the path instead of right next to it.

Look at the range indicator (yellow circle) of the inserted gem to see how far it can shoot, and place it in a tower that can give it the longest path to cover.

It’s better to have more towers with somewhat weaker gems in them, than a few towers with stronger gems. If a monster with a high armor level approached however, a strong gem might be very useful – the monster’s armor will absorb most of the damage weaker gems can inflict.

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Creeps

Click on a monster to view info about it, but also to highlight it for your towers to shoot. If an apparition flies by, and your towers are busy killing monsters, click on the apparition to have the towers target it.

When a monster is just about to crush your orb, the orb will banish it back to its spawning location. This costs you soma mana; tougher monsters take more mana to banish. Each time a monster gets to your orb, its banishment cost increases. Watch our for fast monsters that run by your towers and can reach your orb more than once before being killed.

Swarm monsters are easy to kill (usually one shot), and cheap to banish, but they come in very large numbers, and run very fast. They can take the fire of your towers while the tougher and slower monsters pass by, so they can act like a living shield, but if you don’t shoot them, they will quickly reach your orb again and again, resulting in a very high mana toll for the repeated banishments. Have multiple towers firing at them and try to get rid of them quickly.

Giant monsters have high armor and lots of hit points, but they move slowly. If they are along, try to lure them into paths that you can later close and force them to crawl back from the dead end you made. If they are surrounded with lots of other monsters though, they can be very dangerous. A giant monster approaching your orb the second time will take a huge mana toll.

The wave stones on the left side of the screen show you what kind of monsters will appear. Look out for the small icons above the wave numbers on the stones.

Place a trap near a group of towers and place a slowing gem in it, this way the monsters will have to crawl by the towers for a longer time, taking more shots.
Gemcraft Labyrinth Guide

Place a trap right next to an other one, place a slowing gem in the first trap and a mana gain/armor reduce/shocking gem in the second one. You can leech more mana from the slowed monster or have a greater chance of shocking it or tearing down its armor.

Sometimes it’s worth destroying the monster nests, other times it’s not. (The same is true for beacons too.) You might want to get rid of a monster nest if it’s too near to your orb, or if it’s connected to your orb with a path otherwise not used, and so you would have to build additional towers and gems to protect your flank. On the other hand, if the nest is located at the end of a very long path, longer than what the monsters approaching from adjacent labyrinth fields would have to go, it’s good to keep it and have the monsters coming less crowded.

Look out for the “timing” of the different paths, or try to adjust them to your favor with walls. It’s not good if monsters arrive all together at your towers. Try to adjust the length of the different paths so that they arrive with some delays, this way your towers can focus on one bunch of monsters at a time.

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Beacons

Don’t destroy a beacon unless necessary, especially at the beginning of the battle. Use your mana to build up your defenses first. Use gem bombs only if necessary, in most cases a tower placed near the beacon and a low grade gem will cost you much less.

Watch out for shield beacons. Invulnerable monsters will run through your defenses unharmed. If you can’t destroy a shield beacon, leave enough path between it and your towers, so that the invulnerability will wear off by the time the monsters get to your defenses.

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Mana

If you plan to use the Extend mana pool spell, use it early if you can, this way you get more total mana in the long run, thanks to the increased mana gain multiplier.

Keep an eye on the mana bar. if it’s filled, all additional mana you would gain from slain monsters is lost. Use the Extend mana pool spell to increase your mana capacity.

Adjust your gem type mastery skills to match the gem types you will initially get in the field, or which you plan to unlock. Skills linked to the initially available gem types are marked with a dot on the skills panel.

If you can’t beat a level and tried multiple times even with this GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough:

• Reassign your skill points. It can make a great difference. Different fields and battle settings may require very different skill configurations.
• Level up by going back and beating previous levels with more difficult battle settings. If you set a higher XP for a field, it increases your total XP by the difference of the new and old XP values. Going for more battle amulets and summoning more monsters will boost your field XP too.
• Go for a journey amulet. In the amulets screen, you can see how much progress have you done towards gaining some of the amulets. If you need only a few walls to reach the “build 1,000 walls” amulet, go for it!

Poisonous gems’ poison damage can be greatly increased by combining grade x green gems with a bunch of grade x-1 gems, one after another.

Bloodbound (red) gems are very sensitive to be combined with other gem types. You will lose a large part of the bloodbound ability if you pollute the gem. If you’re going for a power gem with a high kills to damage ratio, stick to combining with pure red gems.

Place traps at a distance from each other so that the poison effect from the first trap lasts until the monster gets to the next trap.

Poison ignores armor, but cannot be stacked. (A poisoned monster hit by another poisonous shot will go on with the poison effect that is the more harmful over time, but not the sum of the two dosages.)

GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Mana farming:

• Place pure orange gems in traps where the monsters appear.
• Make sure these traps have always something to fire at.
• Don’t place towers near your mana farm, they might kill the monsters before you can squeeze all the mana you can out of them.
• Learn mana gain mastery to receive more mana.

Combine a row of mana gain traps with a slowing gem in the first trap. This will make some of the monsters spend much more time crawling through your mana traps, making the traps shoot more and give you more mana. GemCraft Labyrinth Walkthrough

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